The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Perfume

How to wear perfume?

Most people wear perfume to draw attention to themselves in a positive way, but it can oftentimes have the opposite effect. The perfect perfume should make the space around you pleasant. Going with a fragrance that is powerful and strong can lead to people steering clear. Here are a few simple tips that will help you choose a perfume that won’t offend.

Choosing a Perfume Fragrance

Your body has its own natural aroma, so try finding a fragrance that complements that. You should be looking for a perfume that will be somewhat subtle so as not to overpower a space, yet fragrant enough to make people want to be close to you. Perfume should enhance all of your positive attributes.

One great way to see how certain perfumes smell on your skin is to visit the fragrance counter at your local department store. When sampling different perfumes, be sure to spray each on a separate part of your body, far away from one another. Try to limit yourself to a pair of fragrances on each visit, making sure to move away from the perfume section for a few moments so that you don’t confuse other fragrances with those on your skin.

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Make sure to apply the perfume directly to your skin rather than clothing. This will allow you to see how well the fragrance blends with your natural aroma, as well as with soaps and makeup that you regularly use.

Don’t rush into a purchase, even if you believe you have found the perfect perfume. Spray on a sample of the fragrance you like and try wearing it for an entire day. This will allow you to see if the scent quickly wears off or caused you to have headaches or some sort of other allergic reaction. One full day is usually enough to make sure that none of those things happen.

Do’s of wearing perfume

Simple steps to follow when applying perfume:

The best time to apply your perfume is after you have bathed or showered. This is when your skin is cleanest and more likely to absorb the fragrance fully.

Make sure not to overdo it. Keep in mind that your fragrance should attract people, not send them running the other way. A little can go a long way, so if you are using perfume splash, place a little on your fingertips and gently apply it to your pulse areas. Those can be found on your wrists, neckline, chest, behind the earlobes, elbow area, and behind your inner thighs and knees. Those areas are all perfect since it’s where your blood runs close to the surface of the skin, allowing the scent to be diffused quickly.

If your perfume is in a spray bottle, you should still apply it to the same pulse areas, but be sure to spray the perfume from a foot or so away so as to get a fairly even distribution. Another tactic is to spray the perfume in the air a couple of times before “walking” through the fragrant cloud it creates.

Given that heat rises, the best way to apply your favorite perfume is from the bottom up. You’ll find that the scent will last for a much longer period during the day.

It’s common knowledge that people with dry skin aren’t able to retain scents for as long as those with oily skin. This is because the perfume oils join with the natural oils in the skin and slow down the evaporation process. If you have dry skin, then consider applying your perfume a couple of times per day or perhaps invest in a good moisturizer that you can apply before the perfume.

Give your perfume time to dry before putting on clothes. Dressing too quickly will mean that some of the perfume will end up on the fabric rather than absorbing into the skin. Keep in mind that it can take up to an hour for your perfume to really blend with your natural scent.

It’s important to pay attention to all of the other scented body products that you use (deodorant, shampoo, body wash, after shave balm etc.) as these can create a whole mess of smells. This creates a fragrance barrier that is almost impossible for your perfume to penetrate. The best way to make your perfume really stand out is to layer all of it, which basically means making sure that all of your other products have a similar scent or come from the same brand. For example, bathe with a shower gel, then seal that off with a body lotion or balm, and end your routine by applying your favorite perfume.

As strange as it may sound, pay attention to the weather when applying perfume. Scents tend to last for longer periods when it is hot outside, whereas colder weather has the opposite effect.
Don’ts for wearing perfume

If you follow the do’s as listed above then you should always smell great, but here are some DON’T’s that you need to look out for:

Apply your perfume before putting on clothes or jewelry. There are some fragrances that will stain and damage clothing, pearls, and precious metals. The idea is to perfume your body, not the garments you are wearing over it.

A common mistake made when applying perfume is rubbing the wrists together. Doing so can actually dramatically change the fragrance of the perfume.

We mentioned the pulse points earlier, but that doesn’t mean you have to perfume them all in one sitting. Madame Coco’s rule of thumb is that you should only apply perfume where you wish to be kissed. That is sound expert advice, as is making sure to adhere to the rule of 3 sprays of Eau de Parfum or 5 sprays of Eau de Toilette.

Try to avoid spraying perfume into your hair as it can react badly to certain hair products and create overpowering odors.

Don’t make the mistake of reapplying your fragrance if you can’t smell it. The most common reason for it is because you have become accustomed to the scent. One way to get around that is to use different fragrances from time to time rather than settling on just one.
Should You Wear Perfume To Work?

The question of whether or not to wear perfume to work is one that is not easily answered. It falls right in the category of other office style issues such as whether it’s acceptable to not wear pantyhose or if it’s fine to wear open-toed shoes in warmer weather. Funnily enough, the perfume issue is one that applies to people on both sides of the gender fence.

While there is no obvious solution to the answer, you should definitely avoid wearing perfume when heading in for a job interview. You may find that the company you work for actually has policies in place regarding the wearing of perfume. If they don’t, try to wear a fragrance that is light and unobtrusive, leaving your more dramatic scents for free time outside of the workplace.

The reason why fragrances seem to not fit so well at work is because of the personal nature of the scent. There is a definite familiarity factor to the scent that a person wears, oftentimes making them instantly recognizable when you get into close contact with them.

If you take the time to adhere to the do’s and don’ts outlined above then you are unlikely to ever encounter a situation where someone is offended by your scent, so spray on and enjoy.


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